Military Society of the War of 1812

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Military Society of the War of 1812

Motto Pro Patria et Jure Gentium (Latin: "For Country and Law of Nations")
Formation 3 January 1826[1];
inc. 8 January 1892
Headquarters New York
Key people George Howard, Clarkson Crolius, Mordecai Myers, Robert Bogardus, Mangle Minthorne Quackenboss
This is one of several societies dedicated to the veterans of the War of 1812.

The Military Society of the War of 1812 is an American fraternal hereditary organisation, founded in 1826 (and consolidated with the Veteran Corps of Artillery in 1848), which was originally open to men who had served in the armed forces of the United States of America during the War of 1812, with allowance for certain hereditary or honorary memberships in addition to their veteran members. The stated purpose of the society was, in addition to general fellowship, the preservation of historical documents pertaining to the war, the erection of commemorative monuments, and public participation in patriotic events, such as parades.[1]

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