Michael "Madman" Marcum

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Michael E. Marcum (b. c. 1974), also known as Madman Marcum, is an American inventor who has reported experimenting in time travel beginning in 1995, when he was arrested in Stanberry, Gentry Co., Missouri over the theft of up to six transformers from St. Joseph Light & Power that he had been using to power a Jacob's ladder antenna, eventually being sentenced to thirty days. Marcum notably made appearances on Art Bell's radio shows following his release from prison, during which he expounded on his claims to have been seeking the means of travel through time.

Press Coverage

Arrest and Incarceration (1995)

Coast to Coast / Dreamland with Art Bell (1995-1996)

  • 18 April 1995, first interview with Michael "Madman" Marcum, in which Art Bell himself grants Marcum the moniker Madman.
  • 8 October 1996, second interview with Michael "Madman" Marcum.

Post-Bell Appearances (1996)

Interview in Nexus Magazine (2011)

Midnight in the Desert with Art Bell (2015)