Michał Sędziwój

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Michał Sędziwój
(Michael Sendivogius)
Unknown - Portrait of an alchemist - MP 159 - National Museum in Warsaw.jpg

"Portrait of an Alchemist"
dated 17th century, artist unknown

Born 2 February 1566(1566-02-02)
Łukowica, Kingdom of Poland
Died c. May-August 1636 (70)
Kravaře, Holy Roman Empire
Noted work(s) Novum Lumen Chymicum (1604)

Michał Sędziwój (February 2, 1566 - c. May—August 1636), known in English as Michael Sendivogius and Latin as Sendivogius Polonus, was a Polish alchemist and physician, noted as the discoverer of the central nitre, which was re-discovered later and termed oxygen by Lavoisier.

Selected Bibliography

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    • The New Chemical Light, drawn from the fountain of Nature and of Manual Experience
  • Dialogus Mercuriii, Alchemistae et Naturae (Cologne, 1607)
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