Mayan Order

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Mayan Order
Formation c. 1930s
Purpose/focus Self-improvement through astrology, New Thought-type exercises
Headquarters Del Rio, Texas; San Antonio, Texas

The Mayan Order (Mayanry) is (or was) a Texas-based group, originally founded in the late 1930s by William Perry Taylor, a.k.a. Koran, and Isabelle Taylor, a.k.a. Rose Dawn, which professed itself to be a secret order based "on the traditional wisdom of that mysterious race of astrologers and temple builders, the ancient Mayans of Mexico and Central Mexico."[1] Rose Dawn was the voice - via shows on John R. Brinkley's XERA "border blaster" radio in Del Rio - and face of Mayanry, being the Official Scribe and Patroness of the Order, and eventually the Supreme Leader after her husband "Koran" Taylor's death in 1953.

Selected Publications

  • Mayan Mysteries: Your Way to a Better Life, Mayan Order, 1944 
  • Dawn, Rose (1958), The Yucatan Story, The Mayan Order 
  • Dawn, Rose (1959), The Miracle Power, Mayan Press 
  • Dawn, Rose (1966), The Search for Happiness, The Mayan Order 
  • Mayan Order Revelation Lessons:

The group published a regular newsletter, The Daily Meditation: