Max B. Miller

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Max B. Miller
Born 23 February 1937(1937-02-23)
Los Angeles, California
Died 17 January 2011 (73)
Los Angeles, California
Workplace(s) Fotos International
Affiliations Flying Saucers International; NICAP; HFPA

Max Briant Miller (February 23, 1937 - January 17, 2011) was an American photographer, publisher, and producer who was long interested in flying saucers, making first public forays in the ufology world when he founded the Junior Flying Saucer League at age 15, [1] writing and editing several books and magazines on the subject through his life.

Selected Bibliography

  • Miller, Max B. (1957), Flying Saucers, Fact or Fiction?, Los Angeles, Calif.: Trend Books 
  • Miller, Max B. (1967), Flying Saucers Illustrated, Studio City, Calif.: Kling House, Ltd. 

Miller was also the editor-publisher of Flying Saucers International's Saucers newsletter through the 1950s, and Real Magazine in the 1960s.