Martin Burns (catch wrestler)

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Martin "Farmer" Burns
Martin Farmer Burns - press photo - c. 1913.jpg

Press photo, c. 1913

Alias(es) "Farmer" Burns
Born Martin Burns
3 August 1872(1872-08-03)
Cedar Co., Iowa
Died 19 June 1957 (84)
Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa
Known for Catch-as-catch-can wrestling
Spouse(s) Amelia Burns

Martin "Farmer" Burns (February 15, 1861 - January 8, 1937) was an American catch-as-catch-can wrestler, actively working from 1879 through the 1890s, after which he took up coaching and instruction, training the likes of Frank Gotch and Earl Caddock, the original "Man of 1,000 Holds." During his career as a wrestler, Burns notably held the American Heavyweight Championship, a title he claimed by defeating Evan "Strangler" Lewis at the Second Regiment Armory in Chicago, Illinois on 20 April 1895[A] and lost to Dan McLeod at the Grand Opera House in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 26 October 1897.

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