L. George Lawrence

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L. George Lawrence
Born 18 August 1925(1925-08-18) 
Died 1 April 1993 (67)
San Bernardino, California
Burial Riverside National Cemetery
Nationality American
Known for Extra-Terrestrial Biological Comm.

Lucas George Lawrence (August 18, 1925 - April 1, 1993) was a German-born American electronics engineer and researcher who believed he had developed a method for the detection and recording of bio-dynamic transmissions (outside the EM spectrum) originating in other galaxies and that these records were proof of extraterrestrial influence on terrestrial life.

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  • Lawrence, L. George (1987), Galactic Life Unveiled: The Phenomenon of Biological Communication Between Advanced Life in Space and Its Subliminal Effects on Terrestrial Man with 134 Illustrations 


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