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The Amazing Kreskin
Born George Joseph Kresge
(1935-01-12) 12 January 1935 (age 89)
Montclair, Essex Co., New Jersey
Nationality American
Alma mater Seton Hall University (B.A., 1963)

George Joseph Kresge (born January 12, 1935), more popularly known as the Amazing Kreskin or simply Kreskin, is an American mentalist and stage performer, noted for his regular guest appearances on late night broadcast television, including sixty-one appearances on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, and his syndicated television show The Amazing World of Kreskin through the 1970s. Kreskin has lent his name and likeness to ESP board games, instructional books, records, and similar products.

Selected Works

  • Kreskin's ESP Booklet, Milton Bradley, 1967 
  • Kreskin's Krystal Booklet, 3M Company, 1971 
  • The Amazing World Of Kreskin, Random House, 1973 
  • Kreskin's Mind Power Book, McGraw Hill, 1977 
  • Kreskin's Fun Way To Mind Expansion, Doubleday, 1984 
  • Secrets Of The Amazing Kreskin, Prometheus Books, 1991 
  • The Protection Report by Kreskin, GF International, 1992 
  • Kreskin's Super Secrets, GF International, 1993 
  • How To Be A Fake Kreskin, St. Martin's Press, 1996 
  • The Pendulum & Lifelong Enrichment Response Advertising, 2000 
  • The Amazing Kreskin's Future With The Stars, Meyerbooks, 2001 
  • Mental Power Is Real, Fitness Factory, 2006 
  • Four-Hour Miracle Direct, Response Advertising, 2008 
  • Kreskin Confidential, Author House, 2009 
  • Conversations with Kreskin by The Amazing Kreskin & Michael McCarty, Team Kreskin Productions, 2012 
  • In Real Time, Thane & Prime, 2015