KookScience:Non-free use rationale guideline

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Kook Science prefers it when materials posted to the wiki can be freely used by anyone, and are appropriately licensed for allowing such sharing and redistribution without fear of legal consequence, but, as is often the case, there are many items of media that remain fully locked into the loving care of the original authors or their inheritors. In those cases, there are legal codes that allow, for the purposes of illustration in the pursuit of commentary or other academic work, the Fair Use of such non-free media. In the event that you wish to use such items of media in your articles, please use the {{Non-free media rationale}} template to mark the file, including complete description, sourcing, purpose, and any other relevant claims, as in the example below.

{{Non-free media rationale
|Description= A description of the material in question
|Source= The source of the material.
|Article=The article that the material will be used on.
|Portion= If the material is cropped, please make note of that.
|Resolution= Is the resolution is low? Yes or No (please do not upload non-free media at high resolution, or risk it being removed).
|Purpose= The purpose of this media's inclusion in the article.
|Replaceability= Is the media replaceable? Yes or No (if free or share-alike media is available, please use it instead).