Kingdom of EnenKio

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Kingdom of EnenKio
 •  King Remios Hermios
 •  Minister Plenipotentiary Robert Moore

The Kingdom of EnenKio (from the Marshallese: Enen-Kio, Ānen Kio, "island of the orange flower") is a self-declared monarchy, founded in 1994 by Robert Moore on behalf of Remios Hermios, a Marshallese chieftain, which claims sovereignty over the territory of Wake Island (Ānen Kio), a coral atoll that is claimed as an unincorporated territory of the United States of America, and has also been claimed by the Republic of the Marshall Islands as of 1973. The territory is presently administered by the United States Air Force with the 611th Air Support Group operating the Wake Island Airfield, the longest strategic runway in the Pacific islands (at 9800 ft., or 3000 m.); so far as can be ascertained, neither Hermios nor Moore maintained a physical presence on the island.


Press Coverage

  • Lynch, Russ (6 Oct. 2000), "Court bars isle man's bond sales: SEC wins a restraining order against marketing the 'Enenkio war bonds", Honolulu Star-Bulletin (Honolulu, HI): A-1, A-8,, "The 'kingdom' has been marketing the 'Enenkio Gold War Bonds' to raise funds for development, the Securities and Exchange Commission said today. The SEC won a restraining order yesterday in federal court in Honolulu against Moore, who lists himself on the Web site as Minister Plenipotentiary of the kingdom[...] The SEC said the Enenkio materials promoting the bonds claim that they will pay a compound interest rate of 10 percent after five years. The Web site — — is, among other things, selling Enenkio citizenship and 'Diplomatic Service Corps' certificates. It asserts that His Majesty King Remios Hermios, a traditional chief in the Marshall islands, is the rightful monarch of Enenkio."