Kellogg's Sanitone Wafers

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Kellogg's Sanitone Wafers
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Medical Claims Treatment for "insomnia, brain fog, drowsiness, lack of energy, melancholy, hysteria, blue spells, St. Vitus Dance, Locomotor Ataxia, loss of ambition, poor memory, bashfulness, tired feeling and neuralgia."
Vendors Frank J. Kellogg Co.

Kellogg's Sanitone Wafers was a brand name for a dietary supplement, advertised as as a "nerve force" restorative (and, in fact, boasted to being the "greatest nerve strengthener known to science"), that was manufactured and distributed by F. J. Kellogg Co. (Battle Creek, Michigan).


According to a 1913 analysis by the Kansas State Board of Health, the wafers were "tablets, coated with sugar and calcium carbonate, weigh[ing] about .983 grams, and found to contain chromium salt and phenolphthalein."[1]



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