Katalin Pári

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Katalin Pári (Magyar: Pári Katalin) was an Hungarian contactee who professed to being visited by positive and negative aliens.


Pári lived in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, and worked at a local bank in her thirties before being fired after appearing in the media claiming that she was in contact with extraterrestrials. During the mid-nineties, Pári participated in several UFO conferences in Hungary, but in the second half of the decade disappeared from the public eye.


Pári reported that her contacts began on 2 February 1994, when she saw the silhouette of a Grey at her bedside, lingering for a time before eventually disappearing. In the following days, she said that she observed a strange blue light from her yard, and also heard footsteps and strange noises in her apartment. The culmination of all this activity, Pári claimed, came as a telepathic voice entered into her mind, saying "don't be afraid, we won't hurt you"; after receiving this message, a six-foot-tall humanoid appeared and touched her.

In the following years, Pári claimed to be in regular contact with a group of benevolent, Nordic-type aliens of unknown origin, and that she had also been found by hostile extraterrestrials who interfered in her life, trying to manipulate her state of consciousness. Pári believed that these experiences served her development of consciousness and spirit, and that good contactees would always be sought out sooner or later by hostile beings who would try to mislead them.


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