Josiah Priest

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Josiah Priest
Born 9 December 1788(1788-12-09)
Unadilla, Otsego Co., New York
Died April 1851 (62)
Genesee, Allegany, New York
Burial Ceres, Pa.

Josiah Priest (December 9, 1788 - April 1851) was an American writer on the history of the United States, somewhat popular in his time for works on the Mound Builders and the Lost Tribe of Israel in the Pre-Colombian Americas, Scriptural defences of slavery, and denunciations of Universalism and Millerism, as well as his pamphleteering of Colonial and Revolutionary stories (with something of a focus on episodes of soldiers being held in captivity by Native tribes).

Selected Bibliography

on Pre-Colombian America

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on Religion

  • Priest, Josiah (1825), The Wonders of Nature and Providence, Displayed. Compiled from Authentic Sources, Both Ancient and Modern, Giving an Account of Various and Strange Phenomena Existing in Nature, of Travels, Adventures, Singular Providences, &c., Albany: Josiah Priest, E. and E. Hosford, Printers. 
  • Priest, Josiah (1827), A View of the Expected Christian Millennium: Which is Promised in the Holy Scriptures, and is Believed to Be Nigh Its Commencement, and Must Transpire Before the Conflagration of the Heavens and the Earth; Embellished With a Chart, of the Dispensations From Abraham to the End of Time, Albany: Josiah Priest, published for subscribers, Loomis' Press 
  • Priest, Josiah (1837), The Anti-Universalist: or History of the Fallen Angels of the Scriptures: Proofs of the Being of Satan and of Evil Spirits: Intended as a Refutation of the Three Main Points of Universalism, Namely, That There is No Hell After Death; No Devil or Satan as a Being; and No Future Day of Final Judgment, Albany: Printed by J. Munsell 
  • Priest, Josiah (1842), A Refutation of the Rev. Wm. Miller's Day of Judgment, in 1843, by Showing That the 2,300 Days of the Book of Daniel Were Finished a Hundred Years Ago, and That the End of Time Cannot Take Place, as Yet, by More Than Eleven Hundred Years, Albany: Printed by Vance & Wendell 

on Slavery

  • Priest, Josiah (1845), Slavery, as It Relates to the Negro, or African Race, Examined in the Light of Circumstances, History and the Holy Scriptures; With an Account of the Origin of the Black Man's Color, Causes of His State of Servitude and Traces of His Character as Well in Ancient as in Mordern Times: With Strictures on Abolitionism, Albany: Printed by C. Van Benthuysen and Co. 
  • Priest, Josiah (1851), Bible Defence of Slavery. To Which is Added, a Faithful Exposition of that System of Pseudo Philanthropy, or Fanaticism, Yclept Modern Abolitionism, Which Threatens to Dissolve the Union; and Proposing a Plan of National Colonization, Adequate to the Removal of the Entire Free Black Population of the United States, And All That May Hereafter Become Free, In a Manner Harmonizing with the Well-Being of Both Races., Glasglow, Ky.: W. S. Brown