John Stuart

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John Stuart
Affiliations Hamilton Flying Saucer Investigation Society (1953); Flying Saucer Investigators (1953-1954)

John Elvin Noel Stuart (1917 - 1987) was a New Zealander saucerian who claimed repeated unusual encounters during the early 1950s along with his collaborator Doreen A. Wilkinson (a.k.a. Barbara Turner), as reported first in Gray Barker's They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers (1956) and later in Stuart's own book UFO Warning (1963).


Stuart served as part of the 2nd New Zealand Division under British command during the Desert War in North Africa, participating in Operation Crusader during 1941-'42 — of particular interest, he stated he had fought in the Battle of Sidi Rezegh, during which he reported sighting an object he called an "orange ball" floating five or six feet in the air, which glowed like a furnace briefly before going dark and racing away southward. Stuart further related he had been wounded at El Alamein in Egypt, later in 1942.

In the post-war period, Stuart claimed further sightings of UFOs: the first in November 1946; the second and third in 1947; a fourth on Easter, 5 April 1953; two days after Easter, 7 April 1953; and another on 10 July 1954.[FS]

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