John F. Reeves

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John Frank Reeves (January 29, 1899 - January 15, 2002) was an American contactee who claimed multiple encounters with extraterrestrials from Venus (Moniheya) beginning in 1965 and continuing into the 1970s. Reeves reported that his first encounter took pace on 2 March 1965, stating that he had witnessed the landing of a flying saucer and the disembarking of an astronaut-like robot near his acreage between Brooksville and Weeki Wachee in Hernando Co., Florida; this report was investigated by the United States Air Force and was concluded to have been a hoax by the investigators. In spite of this, Reeves continued to press his claims, and would report further encounters with the saucers and their pilots over the decade that followed, including a 36-hour roundtrip to the Moon (Chachey) in August 1968, during which, he said, he took a sample of moon dust, and another to the planet Venus itself (Moniheya) in October 1968.

USAF Report (1965)

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