Jeffrey Lash

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Jeffrey Alan Lash (December 3, 1954 - July 4, 2015) was an American whose remains were discovered inside an SUV parked near the Bristol Farms grocery store in Santa Monica, California on 17 July 2015, two weeks after his death, which was followed by a police search of his condominium in Pacific Palisades Highlands, an affluent neighbourhood in the Westside of Los Angeles, California, where it was revealed that he had collected some 1,200 firearms, several tons of ammunition, cash in the amount of ~$230K USD, and fourteen vehicles. Several women associated with Lash, including Michelle Lyons and Catherine Nebron, his apparent fiancée, came forward with details of his unusual background after his death, including claims that Lash was a government-employed secret agent and human-alien hybrid; both Lyons and Nebron sued Lash's estate to recover money they said they had given him, each settling out of court for unspecified amounts.

Press Coverage

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