James Brighouse

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James Brighouse
Born 14 September 1841(1841-09-14)
Loughborough, Leicestershire, England, U.K.
Died 17 July 1916 (74)
South Cottonwood, Salt Lake Co., Utah

James Brighouse (September 14, 1841 - July 17, 1916) was an English-born engineer and self-anointed Mormon prophet who claimed himself as the fulfillment of Joseph Smith's "One Mighty and Strong" prophecy and the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, contending that Brigham Young had led the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in breaking the faith and the 1830 covenant, the whole church falling into apostasy and false doctrine.

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Press Coverage

  • "Re: Conflicts between locals of Cottonwood and James Brighouse", The Daily Enquirer (Provo, UT): 1, 5 Sep. 1893,, "There is trouble near Cottonwood, Salt Lake county, between denizens of that locality and James Brighouse, the author of 'The Voice of the Seventh Angel.' Sheriff McQueen, in an interview with a Tribune reporter, says that Brighouse is evidently a Spiritualist whose zeal is very great. His wife has been sick for some time, and at one time during her illness she was given up for dead, but she revived now and is now able to sit up, although she is evidently not in the best of health. Since regaining her strength she claims to be a revelator and to be the mouthpiece of a spirit. This has caused all the trouble in the neighborhood, Brighouse would write letters for his wife, which they claimed were dictated by the spirit, which gave the neighbors in turn a good roasting. Finally some of the male population gave Brighouse a good trouncing." 
  • "Sequel to the Row Among South Cottonwood Spiritualists", The Salt Lake Herald (Salt Lake City, UT): 6, 21 Sep. 1893,, "William Panter, the South Cottonwood individual who got into a row with two spiritualists, and for whom a warrant has been out since Sept. 5, surrendered himself yesterday and was taken before United States Commissioner Pratt on two charges of assault and battery, both said to have been committed at South Cottonwood on Sept. 2. The complaining witnesses were Otto Hanish and James Brighouse. The defendant pleaded guilty and his honor fined him 50 cents and costs in each case amounting to $14 altogether."