James Addison Peralta-Reavis, Baron of Arizona

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James Addison Peralta-Reavis, Baron of Arizona
Born 10 May 1843(1843-05-10)
Henry Co., Missouri
Died 27 November 1914 (71)
Denver, Colorado

James Addison Reavis (May 10, 1843 - November 27, 1914) was an American real estate agent and convicted forger who took up the mantle of James Peralta-Reavis in his attempt to use an apparently fabricated Spanish baronial land tenure, referred to as the Peralta land grant, to press ownership claims to over 12 million acres (approx. 48,200 km2, or 18,600 sq. miles) of land in central Arizona Territory and western New Mexico Territory, then recently acquired by the United States of America from Mexico at the conclusion of the Mexican-American War. Reavis promoted his claims for nearly a quarter of a century, drawing some prominent supporters along the way, before being ultimately prosecuted and convicted of fraud, spending 21 months in prison for his trouble.


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  • The Baron of Arizona (1950), an American film directed by Samuel Fuller and starring Vincent Price as Reavis.