J. Randall Brown

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J. Randall Brown
J. Randall Brown - portrait - Fargo Forum (Fargo, ND) - 1904-04-23, p. 3.jpg

Alias(es) The White Mahatma, the Original Mind Reader
Born 28 October 1851(1851-10-28)
St. Louis, St. Louis Co., Missouri
Died 3 July 1926 (74)
Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., Minnesota

John Randall Brown (October 28, 1851 - July 3, 1926) was an American psychical demonstrator who was active from the late nineteenth into the early twentieth century, his act sometimes credited as being the first mind-reader entertainment of its kind and forerunner to later mentalism. George M. Beard attributed Brown's mind-reading ability to an interpretation of involuntary muscular tensions and relaxations, going as far as to say Brown was to this muscle reading what Mesmer was to trance induction.

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  • Brown based part of his act on the debunking of other mediums, particularly of the Spiritualist persuasion, claiming his was the only genuine power.