J. Posadas

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J. Posadas
Born Homero Rómulo Cristali Frasnelli
20 January 1912(1912-01-20)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Died 14 May 1981 (69)
Rome, Italy
Affiliations Fourth International Posadist

J. Posadas (January 20, 1912 - May 14, 1981), born Homero Rómulo Cristali Frasnelli, was an Argentinean Marxist-Trotskyist theorist and political activist whose body of work forms the basis of Posadism, a tendency that is noted for its justification of nuclear warfare as a stage in the movement toward international communism and for its assertion that any superior extraterrestrial beings would necessarily be in political accord with Marxism and that contact should be actively sought for the betterment of humanity.

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