Ivan Marx

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Ivan Marx
Born 31 March 1921(1921-03-31) [1]
Lawrence, Illinois
Died 18 December 1999 (78) [1]
Shasta, California
Nationality American
Field(s) Bigfoot Research
Noted work(s) "The Legend of Bigfoot" (1976)

Ivan Lee Marx (March 31, 1921 - December 18, 1999) was an American nature photographer, professional woodsman and tracker, and Bigfoot researcher, noted for his co-discovery of the Bossburg Cripple tracks in 1969 (with René Dahinden and John Green), and his later claim to have filmed an injured crypto-hominid in 1970, footage of which was included in his 1976 documentary "The Legend of Bigfoot".


  • "The Legend of Bigfoot" (Special Edition) — "enhanced and extended cut", featuring "[an encounter with] a small female sasquatch, ancient American Indian markings, witnesses who have encountered mysterious UFOs and headless creatures with glowing eyes, which would later come to be known as 'Mothmen'." <>


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