Interplanetary Space Patrol

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Interplanetary Space Patrol
Formation c. 1955
Purpose/focus Ufology
Headquarters Abilene, Texas
Director James A. Lee

The Interplanetary Space Patrol was an Abilene, Texas-based saucerian group, founded by James A. Lee, with a particular emphasis on working and collaborating via amateur radio. Whether the name was derived from Mike Moser's popular Space Patrol (1950-55) television series is unclear.



  • "Texan Says UFO Rate to Increase", Lawton Constitution (Lawton, Oklahoma): 2, 6 November 1957,, "An Abilene man who has studied unidentified flying objects (UFO) for 20 years predicted today "they will soon come in large numbers for all to see..." Jim Lee of Abilene, head of a group called the Interplanetary Space Patrol, was critical of a Harvard scientist's explanation of the object reported seen near Levelland last weekend[...] Lee said "the days of the skeptics are numbered, and they had better find a good place to hide away for even the entire populations of our large cities will see these ships as they come in from outer space. They will soon come in large numbers for all to see and the skeptic will not have a leg left to stand on. There is no need for alarm over the situation at this time." Lee said his organization was formed about two years ago in Abilene, and he says has chapters all over the world."