Hunters (Patriot War of 1838)

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The Hunters
Formation 1838
Purpose/focus Overthrowing the government of Upper Canada
Headquarters Cleveland, Ohio
Key people Donald McLeod,
Charles Duncombe
Affiliations Secret Order of the Sons of Liberty

The Hunters (also called Brother Hunters, Patriot Hunters) were an insurrectionist secret society dedicated to the overthrow of the British government of Upper Canada, formed at St. Albans, Vermont by exiles of the failed Rebellion of 1837,[1] who had been influenced by the French Patriotes organisation, the Frères Chasseurs (Brother Hunters). The movement was assembled into lodges, adopting a structure similar to that of Freemasonry, and ultimately formed a Grand Lodge at Cleveland, Ohio.



  1. Heckethorn, Charles William (1897), "The Hunters", The Secret Societies of All Ages and Countries: a Comprehensive Account of Upwards of One Hundred and Sixty Secret Organizations — Religious, Political, and Social — from the Most Remote Ages Down to the Present Time, II, London: George Redway, p. 299-300,, retrieved 2016-11-01, "In 1837, after the first Canadian insurrection, a society under the above title was formed, whose object was to bring about a second insurrection. The United States supported them. MacLeod, one of the insurgents of Upper Canada, came to St. Albans, the centre of the society's operations, and was initiated into all the degrees, which he afterwards promulgated through Upper Canada. There were four degrees — the Hunter, the Racket, the Beaver, and the Eagle. This last was the title of the chief, corresponding with our rank of colonel; the Beaver was a captain, commanding six Rackets, every Racket consisting of nine men the company of the Beaver consisted of seventy affiliates or Hunters. Every aspirant had to be introduced by three Hunters to a Beaver, and his admission was preceded by fear-inspiring trials and terrible oaths."