Hill 611 UFO Crash (1986)

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The Hill 611 (Холм 611) UFO crash was a Soviet newspaper reported incident that was said to have occurred in January 1986 at Hill 611 near Dalnegorsk, in Primorsky Krai, Russian SFSR, a mining territory in eastern Russia, north east of Vladivostok. A flying sphere was reported in a July 1988 issue of Sotsialisticheskaya Industriya to have crashed into one of Hill 611's twin peaks, being nearly completely obliterated in the process, and the wreckage, which included "fine mesh," "small spherical objects," and "pieces of glass," was being studied by members of the Siberian Division of the USSR Academy of Sciences; this report was later published in English in an FBIS Press Note of 22 November 1989 under the title "USSR: Media Report Multitude of UFO Sightings."[1]

Leonard H. Stringfield further details the incident in his UFO Crash/Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum - Status Report VI (1991).


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