Henry Holt

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Henry Holt
Born 3 January 1840(1840-01-03)
Baltimore, Maryland
Died 13 February 1926 (86)
New York City, New York
Known for Henry Holt & Co. (publishing house)

Henry Gartf Holt (January 3, 1840 - February 13, 1926) was an American publisher, a co-founder and the namesake of Henry Holt and Company.

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Both Calmire and Sturmsee were originally published with no authorial credit, but were later republished with Holt's name attached.

as Henry Holt

Of note

  • Holt was actively involved in the Simplified Spelling movement as a long-time member (and sometime president) of the Simplified Spelling Board (1906-1920), an effort that drew initial support from the likes of Theodore Roosevelt and Dale Carnegie, but ultimately floundered from lack of wide-scale adoption.