Haku Zynkyoku

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Haku Zynkyoku (伯壬旭)
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Screenshot from "FRB, Evil's Branch Organ, Talks by HAKU Zynkyoku 44 3/8"

Born 小島露観 (Kojima Rokan)
(1940-05-02) 2 May 1940 (age 83)
Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Alma mater University of Tokyo
Affiliations Supreme Commander of ZX Empire; Zain (ザイン); Sirius Corporation (株式会社シリウス)
Known for "The Jews fear the Samurai" meme

Haku Zynkyoku (伯壬旭; はく じんきょく, Count Mizunoe Asahi; b. May 2, 1940), also known as Kojima Rokan (小島露観), is the Japanese founder of Zain (ザイン) and the Sirius Corporation (株式会社シリウス), and the creator of Shinmon-gaku (神文学, シンモンガク; Divine Literature, described as "the study of aiming to reveal the secrets of man and the cosmos") and a successor theory called ZIGMA-ism, both partially inspired by Theosophy and similar occult teachings. The principle works of Zynkyoku detail a Cosmic Astral-Etheric War waged by ZIGMA Samurai, servants of ZZ (ザラズ, Zarazu), against the CAM (Christ - Abyss - Moloch) forces, including the Jews, occultists, miscegenationists, and so on.

In addition to his extensive writings and video lectures on the Cosmic War, Zynkyoku also attests to having originated a style of kenjutsu he calls Susashinryuu Maken (素戔神流; スサシンリュウ魔剣), the Demonic Sword Style of Takehaya Susanoo-no-Mikoto, for use in the battles against CAM.

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In addition to his own writings, Kojima (with Seikichi Nakazato) translated Alice Ann Bailey's Initiation, Human and Solar, the 1922 Theosophy staple, into Japanese as 『イニシエーション: 進化の原点・神智学の秘伝』 (Inishiēshon).


Kojima's group may be generally referred to as Zain (ザイン), though it has been variously called:

  • 「天業古代王朝」, "Tianye Ancient Dynasty"
  • 「八幡幕府」, "Hachiman Shogunate"
  • 「大汗帝國」, "Taikan Empire"
  • 「ZX帝國=第四帝國」, "ZX Empire = Fourth Reich"
  • 「帝國ZX」, "Empire ZX"
  • 「Z帝國」, "Z Empire"
  • 「帝國0」, "Empire Zero"
  • 「十字帝國ザイナスティア」, "Cross Empire Shinastea"
  • 「世界帝国富士皇朝」, "World Empire Fuji Dynasty"
  • 「富士皇朝」, "Fuji Dynasty"
  • 「古代帝國軍」, "Ancient Imperial Army"
  • 「銀河皇朝軍」, "Galactic Empire"