Great Republic of Rough and Ready

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Great Republic of Rough and Ready
Status Defunct
Official languages English
 •  President Ebeneezer F. Brundage
 •  Sec. of State Hans Q. Roberts
 •  Proclamation 7 April 1850 
 •  Dissolution 4 July 1850 (2 months, 27 days) 
39.2302° N, 121.1361° W

The Great Republic of Rough and Ready was a short-lived secessionist state that was unilaterally declared on 7 April 1850 and dissolved on 4 July 1850 by the people of Rough and Ready, a mining town of over 3000 that had been made part of Yuba County by the territorial legislature in February 1850, the future state of California then still in the process of organising itself, being an only recently conquered territory that had not yet been admitted into the United States of America.