God Worshipping Society (拜上帝教)

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Vision of Tai-ping-wang (Tàipíng tiānwáng) - from Mackie's Life of Tai-ping-wang (1857)

The God Worshipping Society (Chinese: 拜上帝教, bài shàngdì jiào) was a Chinese syncretist Christian movement, founded by Féng Yúnshān and led by Hóng Xiùquán, the Taiping Heavenly King (太平天王), a Protestant convert of Hakka descent who proclaimed himself the second son of God and younger brother of Jesus Christ. The society was active in southern China during the mid-nineteenth century, where it established the Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace (太平天国) in opposition to China's ruling Great Qing dynasty, resulting in a fourteen-year civil war known as the Taiping Rebellion (1850-1864).

A Ti-ping church - from Lindley's Ti-ping Tien-kwoh (1866)
Teaching the Lord's Prayer in a middle-class Ti-ping household - from Lindley's Ti-ping Tien-kwoh (1866)
Defeat of the Tartar Cavalry at the Battle of Hu-Kan - from Lindley's Ti-ping Tien-kwoh (1866)


Contemporary Accounts

Writings of Hóng Xiùquán (洪秀全)

Poem on Executing the Evil and Preserving the Righteous (1837)

《斬邪留正詩》Poem on Executing the Evil and Preserving the Righteous
手握乾坤殺伐權,In my hand I wield the Universe and the power to attack and kill,
斬邪留正解民懸。I slay the evil, preserve the righteous, and relieve the people's suffering.
眼通西北江山外,My eyes see through beyond the west, the north, the rivers, and the mountains,
聲振東南日月邊。My voice shakes the east, the south, the Sun, and the Moon.
璽劍光榮存帝賜,The glorious sword of authority was given by the Lord,
詩章憑據誦爺前,Poems and books are evidences that praise Yahweh in front of Him.
太平一統光世界,Taiping [Perfect Peace] unifies the World of Light,
威風快樂萬千年。The domineering air will be joyous for myriads of millennia.