Giuseppe Mazzini

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Giuseppe Mazzini
Giuseppe Mazzini - photo portrait by Domenico Lama.jpg

G.M., photo portrait by Domenico Lama

Born 22 June 1805(1805-06-22)
Genoa, Ligurian Republic, First French Empire
Died 10 March 1872 (66)
Pisa, Kingdom of Italy
Affiliations Carbonari; Young Italy; Italian National Association; Action Party

Giuseppe Mazzini (June 22, 1805 - March 10, 1872) was a Genoese-born Italian nationalist closely involved in the Risorgimento (1848-1871), a period that saw the often violent unification of different states situated on the Italian Peninsula, including the Papal States, under Victor Emmanuel II, Savoyard monarch of the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia, which became the Kingdom of Italy.