Georges Lakhovsky

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Georges Lakhovsky
Born Георгий Лаховский
17 September 1869(1869-09-17) [i]
Ilya, Minsk Region, Russian Empire
Died 31 August 1942 (72)
New York City, New York
Nationality Russian; French (nat. 1890)
Alma mater École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (ENPC); Atelier Cormon; École des Beaux-Arts; École du Louvre
Spouse(s) Anne-Marie Louise Reinach (m. 1905)

Georges Lakhovsky (Russian Cyrillic: Георгий Лаховский; September 17, 1869 - August 31, 1942) was a Russian-born engineer who developed various short-wave devices based on his theories of the living body as a radio-electrical transmitter/receiver, including the Multiple Wave Oscillator for the intended treatment of diseases, in particular cancer.

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Press Coverage

  • NEA Service (21 Mar. 1924), "Waves From Bodies May Do Talking; Scientist Points to Possibilities of Human Radio System", Indianapolis Times (Indianapolis, IN): 10,, "PARIS, March 21. — Man is a wireless transmitter. The time may come when man also will be a wireless receiver, tuned in to receive the tiny radio waves that are emitted by other bodies and to communicate with others by means of these waves! This is the prediction of Georges Lakhovsky, eminent Parisian scientist, who has solved some of the most delicate problems of radio. He has enunciated the theory that all living creatures emit tiny radio waves and that many already communicate with one another, or are attracted to others, by means of these emanations. 'Physiology teaches us that our sense of direction, of balance, of equilibrium is due to certain tiny canals in the ear,' says Lakhovsky. 'It suggests to me that these may play the part of wireless receivers. Many insects have antennae that are more than feelers. They are wireless receivers and senders in all probability.'" 
  • NT (2 June 1928), "TREATMENT OF DISEASE BY 'COSMIC WAVES'", Northern Times (Carnarvon, WA (Aus.)): 3,, "The possibility of pressing 'cosmic waves' into the service of medicine, and thus healing diseases hitherto regarded as incurable, was described at the Academy of Sciences in Paris on April 2 by Professor Arsonval. The system, which is still in the experimental stage and has so far only been applied to plants, has been discovered by Georges Lakhovsky. The patient is placed in an oscillating current which has the effect of regulating the 'cosmic waves' around him, and encouraging cellular division without any fear of accident. The diseased cells are dissociated from the remainder without disturbing the general equilibrium of the organism under treatment. Photographs of 'cancerous plants' were shown which had been cured by the oscillatory current method." 
  • Fendrick, R. S. (18 Oct. 1931), "Jealousy, Most Deadly Foe of Mankind; Remarkable Researches of the Renowned French Biologist, Georges Lakhovsky, in Quest of Longevity Secrets, Lead Him to Conclusion That Covetousness and Hatred Breed Most Destructive of All Germs and Microbes That Shorten Human Life.", Sunday Star Magazine (Washington, D.C.): 9,, "A FRENCH biologist, Georges Lakhovksy, has been making a remarkable series of researches at the Pasteur Institute for many years past in an effort to discover how human life and, indeed, all living things, can be prolonged. His work covered a vast range of investigation — the meaning of life itself, the activity of germs and microbes, the causes of disease, the value of vaccines and medicines and notably the harmful and beneficent effect of certain electrical influences. In some recent sensational reports to the Academy of Sciences, confirmed by government agricultural schools, he reveals that he has been able to make many grains and vegetables, including wheat and potatoes, germinate more completely, grow more rapidly and develop to far larger size by electrical currents. He has forced a young geranium to a height of 6 feet by the same means, and it is extremely sturdy and luxuriant. These experiments were only incidental, however; his principal objective is to promote longevity." 



  1. Some sources give his year of birth as 1870 or 1873.