George Sagendorph

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G. A. Sagendorph
Sagendorph's Battery - 1880-01-17.jpg

1880 newspaper ad. for the Sagendorph Battery.

Born 25 July 1821(1821-07-25) 
Claverack, Columbia, New York
Died 20 January 1895 (73) [1]
Jersey City, New Jersey
Burial Claverack Dutch Reformed Churchyard, Claverack, New York [1]
Nationality American
Known for Sagendorph's Battery
Spouse(s) Sarah (Greene)

George Adam Sagendorph (July 25, 1821 - January 20, 1895) was an American jeweler and watch-case maker, notable for his Sagendorph Battery medical medallion.


Sagendorph began his career in Rhode Island before taking up business in New York in the mid-1860s, where he became involved with the "New York Petroleum Prize Company", a gift enterprise scam[2] (of which he was a Director and Treasurer),[3] and "G.A. Sagendorph & Co.", a mail-order vendor of cash-on-delivery watches represented in advertising as being imported from the "Geneva Royal Gold Watch Company"[4] (a fraud identical with the Elias' "Geneva Watch Company" swindle), and later the Sagendorph Battery.


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