George F. Dillon

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Msgr. George F. Dillon, D.D.,
Missionary Apostolic,
Cameriere Segreto Soprannumerario
(Private Chamberlain to Pope Leo XIII)
Alias(es) Latin: Georgio Dillon
Born c. 1836
Dublin, Ireland, U.K.
Died 29 January 1893 (56) [1]
Rome, Kingdom of Italy
Alma mater Mount Melleray Seminary; All Hallows College, Dublin (D.D., 1860)

George Francis Dillon (c. 1836 - January 29, 1893) was an Irish Catholic priest who was employed as a missionary in Australia, notably founding a mission at Burragorang in addition to serving various congregations throughout New South Wales, being appointed a Missionary Apostolic by Pope Pius IX.

Later in his life, in 1884, Pope Leo XIII granted Dillon the position of Cameriere Segreto Soprannumerario, or Private Chamberlain, appointing him directly into the Papal court.[2] Following this appointment, and in support of the Humanum Genus, Pope Leo XIII's encyclical against Freemasonry, Dillon lectured on the perceived development of atheistic, anti-Christian movements across Europe, spurred on by Masonic lodges and their ilk, these conspiracy theories being published under the title The War of Antichrist with the Church and Christian Civilization with strong Papal support.

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