Georg Waltemath

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Georg Waltemath
Born 24 August 1840(1840-08-24)
Bremen, German Confederation
Died 27 September 1915 (75)
Harburg, Hamburg, German Empire

Georg Wilhelm Waltemath (August 24, 1840 - September 27, 1915) was a German freelance writer, editor, and sometime astronomer who claimed to have discovered a second terrestrial during January 1898, and later that year a third moon, the wahrhafter Wetter-und Magnet-Mond (English: "Real Weather and Magnet Moon"), these being part of a larger group of small terrestrial satellites he calculated to exist years earlier. None of Waltemath's observations were confirmed and are not presently accepted to have been correct in conventional astronomical hypotheses; despite this, the second moon was later resurrected by Walter Gorn Old (Sepharial) as his astrological moon Lilith.

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