Gail Brewer-Giorgio

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Gail Brewer-Giorgio (b. 1939) is an American author who has described herself as "the nation’s foremost expert on the theory that Elvis Presley is still alive."[1]

Selected Bibliography

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  • Giorgio, G. B. (1988), The Most Incredible Elvis Presley Story Ever Told, Atlanta, Ga.: Legend Books  — republished the same year as Is Elvis Alive? (New York: Tudor Books, 1988), the latter reprint being promoted with the 1-900-909-ELVIS premium-rate telephone hotline that played a recording of a conversation with an individual alleged to be Elvis Presley himself (per the commercial: The Legend Books edition had a cover price of $29.95 and included a copy of Giorgio's 1978 novel Orion, a 17"x22" poster of a "mystery image at Graceland," and a cassette tape of a 1981 recorded telephone call with the alleged Elvis, on which he "talks about his beard and about hiding out in Hawaii"; the Tudor edition was priced at $5.95 and included only the cassette.[2] It has been asserted that David Darlock, an Elvis vocal impersonator, was paid $250 USD by Eternally Elvis, a fan club, in April 1981 to record the tape; these claims were publicised in the Elvis World magazine and on the television news program 20/20 in a segment hosted by Geraldo Rivera during April 1985.
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  • Giorgio, Gail (1999), Elvis Undercover: Is He Alive and Coming Back?, Texas: Bright Books  — "Features brand-new evidence and previously secret documents that the king of rock-and-roll was also a bona fide agent for the United States government and was involved in one of the most dangerous undercover operations ever orchestrated by America's criminal justice establishment."