Gösta Carlsson

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Gösta Carlsson
Born 30 November 1918(1918-11-30)
Skörpinge, Ängelholm, Sweden
Died 4 October 2003 (84)
Ängelholm, Sweden

Gösta Carlsson (November 30, 1918 - October 4, 2003) was a Swedish beekeeper and palynologist who founded two companies, Cernelle AB and Allergon AB, devoted to pollen extraction for medical purposes, his fame and success in the field earning him the nickname Pollenkungen ("Pollen King").

In 1971, Carlsson publicly made claims to have been witness to the landing of a disk-shaped object on 18 May 1946 at Kronoskogen, a forest space in Ängelholm, Sweden. He further stated that he had returned to the site the following day and retrieved several objects that had been left behind, including a crystal engraved with rune-like symbols. At some point not long after his claims were publicised, the UFO-Memorial Ängelholm, a concrete model of a flying saucer, was laid at alleged site of the landing.