Fusion Energy Foundation (FEF)

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Fusion Energy Foundation
Formation 1974
Dissolution 1986
Type Non-Profit
Legal status Defunct
Purpose/focus Nuclear research advocacy
Key people Lyndon LaRouche; Steven Bardwell; Morris Levitt; Marsha Freeman; Steven T. Arnold

The Fusion Energy Foundation (FEF) was an American non-profit research advocacy group dedicated to the advancement and promotion of conventional nuclear and fusion power, as well as lasers and particle beam weapons, in the United States and Canada. The foundation was formed in New York City, New York during 1974 by Lyndon LaRouche (U.S. Labor Party), Steven Bardwell, and others, relocating to Leesburg, Loudoun Co., Virginia a decade later in 1984; it remained active until 1986 when legal actions taken by U.S. Federal prosecutors forced it into bankruptcy and operations ceased.

Selected Publications

  • Winterberg, Friedwardt (1981), Physical Principles of Thermonuclear Explosive Devices, FEF 
  • Fusion Energy Foundation, ed. (1983), Beam Defense: An Alternative to Nuclear Destruction, Fallbrook, CA: Aero Publishers 
  • FEF & Schiller Institute, ed. (1985), Colonize Space! Open the Age of Reason: Proceedings of the Krafft A. Ehricke Memorial Conference, June 15-16, 1985, New York, NY: New Benjamin Franklin House 
  • FEF, ed. (1986), The Strategic Defense Initiative: Its Scientific, Economic, and Strategic Dimensions: Proceedings of the Conference Sponsored by the Fusion Energy Foundation and the Schiller Institute, April 22-23, 1986, Tokyo, Japan 

In addition to pamphlets and booklets, the FEF published a monthly magazine called Fusion under the editorial direction of Steven Bardwell.

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