Frederick Hathaway

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Frederick Hathaway
Alias(es) Opharial, Jair III
Born 6 June 1900(1900-06-06)
Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
Died 24 December 1988 (88) [1]
New Westminster, British Columbia
Nationality English, Canadian
Field(s) Astrology
Affiliations College of Cosmic Science;
Aryan Astrological Occult Church of Christ (A.A.O.C.C.)

Frederick Hathaway (June 6, 1900 - December 24, 1988), also known as Opharial, was an English-born Canadian astrologer, founder of the Aryan Astrological Occult Church of Christ (A.A.O.C.C.), and publisher of Canadian Astrology and North American Astrologer magazines.[2]

Selected Bibliography

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