F. G. Hehr

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F. G. Hehr
Alias(es) F.G.H.
Born Fritz Gottlieb Georg Hehr
11 April 1890(1890-04-11)
Hannover, Preußen, German Empire
Died 1 August 1970 (80)
Santa Barbara, California
Affiliations Borderland Sciences (BSRA)
Known for Prophecies of Atomic Catastrophe in 1960
Spouse(s) Dorothy P. Trent (m. 1944)

Frederick George Hehr (April 11, 1890 - August 1, 1970), also known simply as Frater F.G.H., was a German-born American engineer, occultist, and saucerian, briefly noted in the popular press as a prophet of atomic catastrophe.

Selected Bibliography

  • Hehr, F.G. (1946), Religion Versus Creed, Santa Monica, CA: Weaver Publishing Co. 

on the Atomic Catastrophe of 1960

Press Coverage

  • "Letters to Editors: THE BOMB", LIFE 21 (19): 16, 4 Nov. 1946,, "Sirs: Regarding your story 'Atom Bomb Haven' (LIFE, Oct. 14), Professor Doreal's information is faulty. Atomic cataclysm will come in 1960. Few regions in U.S. will be untouched. I will supply the names of a few safe regions on request. L. G. Hehr, Santa Monica, Calif." 
  • "ATOM PROPHET SAFE IN ARIZONA", Los Angeles Times: 15, 16 Nov. 1946,, "F. G. Hehr, not L. G. Hehr, is the man who predicted recently in Life magazine that atomic cataclysm will come in 1960, that few regions will be untouched and that he would supply the names of a few safe regions on request. This information came yesterday in a letter from Florence, Ariz., to Postmaster Philip T. Hill of Santa Monica, along with a request to forward to Arizona a flood of mail which has been stacking up in the post office, presumably seeking the shortest route to these 'safe places.' Hehr said he is vacationing in Arizona."