Fred Keziah

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Fred Keziah
F. S. Keziah (with H. S. Southgate) - Naval Aviation News (n. 35, p. 2) - 1950-03.jpg

Keziah at right (with H. S. Southgate at left), photo from Naval Aviation News (March 1950)

Born 9 June 1920(1920-06-09)
Monroe, Union, North Carolina
Died 1 January 2010 (89)
Alexandria, Virginia

Fred Stewart Keziah (June 9, 1920 - January 1, 2010) was an American cartoonist and animator who was featured in several magazines, including the Sunday Evening Post. He served in the U.S. Navy beginning in the 1940s, working for the Naval Photographic Center as a graphics producer on training materials.

Information Sheets

  • Visual Metaphysics No. 1: Flying Saucers (A242635, 2 July 1956) — "A graphic colored chart 22" X 34" picturing 228 drawings of saucer shapes, formations, maneuvers and spacepeople. Numerous listings of colors, sounds, speeds, sizes, etc." Keziah acknowledged the Little Listening Post for "library research".
  • Visual Metaphysics No. 2: Reincarnation (A286122, 28 May 1957) — "A chart depicting all aspects of Reincarnation, showing karmic relationships between lifetimes"