Flying Saucers Comics (Dell series)

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Flying Saucers Comics
Editor D. J. Arneson
Writer(s) D. J. Arneson
Publisher Dell Publishing
First issue April 1967
Final issue October 1969
Company Dell Comics
Country United States of America
Language English

Flying Saucers Comics (or simply Flying Saucers) is a five issue comic book series, originally published by Dell Comics from April 1967 through November 1967 with a later, final issue in October 1969. It features basic retellings of UFO reports and theories about the nature of the phenomena in a graphic narrative format.


Issue Guide

Iss. Year Month Stories Credits Notes
1 1967 April Night Sighting, The Devil Ship, Far Out Physical, Strange Shoot Out, Collision Course - -
2 1967 July - - -
3 1967 October - - -
4 1967 November - - -
5 1969 October - - -