Flaxolyn Compound

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Flaxolyn Compound
Flaxolyn Compound (pre) - Washington Times (11222, p. 5) - 1919-07-11.jpg

From a 1919 newspaper advert for Flaxolyn, "The Amazing Powder Tonic"

Medical Claims "Eliminate irritants from the intestinal and urinary tracts"
Creator(s) H. H. Luntz

Dr. Luntz's Flaxolyn Compound of twelve herbs, roots, and barks, including Baked Flaxseed, Vegetable Charcoal, Juniper Beeries, African Ginger Root, Dandelion Root, Cardamon Seeds, Chinese Rhubarb, Spanish Licorice Root, Culver Root, Gentian Root, Belgian Valerian Root, and California Bark, promoted as a curative for autointoxication and "help to eliminate irritants from the intestinal and urinary tracts, and by so doing make possible quick, sound, restful sleep."