Finno-Korean Hyperwar

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The Finno-Korean Hyperwar (Finnish: Suomen-Hwanlainen Hypersota), also referred to as the Hwan-Suomi Hyperwar (Korean: 환-수오미 초월전쟁).


  • Cham Yeok-Sa (2018), Recent Findings into the End of the Hwan-Suomi Hyperwar: The Myth of Hwan Responsibility for Weaponized Autism and the Collapse of Civilizations,,  — "This paper first briefly outlines and establishes the methods of obtaining rational historical truth untainted by empirical bias based on Hegel’s dialectics and notions of the state, identifying the source of revelational truth validity and memory-awakening that are the primary sources for the Hwan-Suomi(Finno-Korean) Hyperwar, and then proceeds to summarize existing theories and research so far on the source and the end of the Hyperwar by the Hyper-Academic community. The three main models analyzed are the Hwan-Autism-Pyramids Theory, the Suomi-Memes-Autism Theory, and the Hwan-Autism-Suomi-Pyramids Theory. This paper establishes the flawed nature of all three theories and proposes an alternative – the Hwan-Pyramids-Suomi-Nexus theory – that satisfactorily explain both the existing evidence and new information acquired from sources of revelation and memory-awakening, and shatters the pro-Finnish bias of existing hyperwar research."