Fellowship of Golden Illumination

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Fellowship of Golden Illumination
Purpose/focus Ufology
Headquarters Los Angeles, California
Director Eugene H. Drake
Main organ Golden Light

The Fellowship of Golden Illumination was a Los Angeles-based esoteric and saucerian organisation, founded by Eugene H. Drake. The fellowship published a periodical entitled Golden Light, in addition to other books by Drake, detailing his contact experiences with the likes of the Venusians Aramian and Estralon.

Selected Publications


Mailing Addresses

  • 1959: 962 South Park View Avenue, Los Angeles 6, California
  • 1960: 1014 S. Lake St., Los Angeles, Calif.
  • 1962: 2145 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles 6, Cal.; 1023 Riverside Dr., East Windsor, [Ontario], Canada