F. Bruce Russell

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Francis Bruce Russell (b. c. 1895) was a self-described psychoanalyst and anthropologist resident at Los Angeles, California during the 1930s and 40s. Russell achieved his peak notoriety in 1947 when he was claimed in press reports to have formed Amazing Explorations, Inc. for the purpose of rediscovering a cave system he was purported to have stumbled across in 1931 somewhere in the California-Arizona-Nevada borderlands, in which he said there were preserved remains of ancient, highly advanced peoples who may have destroyed themselves using atomic technology.



  • Russell is likely the same person as Francis Bruce Wellington Russell III, who was married some few days to Sadie Louise Reese; Reese quickly sued for the marriage to be annulled on the basis of Russell's fraudulently representing himself as a successful psychoanalyst, which, she told the court, proved to be false. Refer: "Annulment Suit Charges Fraud", Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA): 10, 3 Aug. 1943, 
  • Russell seems to have resided in an apartment at 1726 North Whitley Avenue, Hollywood, California from the 1940s through at least 1950.