Edmund Creffield

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Franz Edmund Creffield (c. 1873 - May 7, 1906), also known as Joshua Creffield and Joshua the Prophet, was a German-born street preacher who formed the Bride of Christ Church at Corvallis, Oregon in 1903, his followers being called "Holy Rollers" in the press and public reporting on their activities. After conflicts with hostile residents of Corvallis, including a mob attack that left him tarred and feathered, Creffield was charged with adultery and went into hiding for some months, being captured after it was discovered he was living beneath the home of a follower. Creffield was ultimately found guilty at trial, during which he defended himself, and sentenced to imprisonment at the Oregon State Penitentiary in Salem. Serving just shy of a year and a half of his sentence, Creffield was released for good behaviour in February 1906, and immediately set about bringing together some members of his church to form a religious colony in Lincoln County on the Oregon coast. This short-lived venture was brought to an end by his assassination some three months later, when, on 7 May, Creffield was shot dead at 1st Ave. and Cherry St. in Seattle, Washington by George Mitchell, the brother of Holy Roller Esther Mitchell — who, in her turn, shot and killed her brother after a court acquitted him of the murder of Creffield.

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