Dr. Turner Company (weight loss)

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The Dr. Turner Company was a Syracuse, New York-based mail-order distributor of the Dr. Turner Triplex System of Weight Reducing, a weight-loss program credited to Francis M. Turner, the whole business being managed and promoted along the same lines as other E. Virgil Neal-Thomas F. Adkin concerns. The Turner system was advertised as a miraculous, drug-free program requiring no major changes to diet, while the actual product consisted of a three-pronged program of stringent diet (no sugar, no flour, no fatty meats, no eggs, only select vegetables and fruits, etc.), purging (laxatives and enemas), and exercise, which would be helped along through purchase of further supplemental products, including concentrated food tablets and reducing wear (including the "To-Kalon Keapshape Corset" and "Neal Reducing Belt").

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