Dr. Scott's Electric Hair Brush

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Dr. Scott's Electric Hair Brush
Dr Scott's Electric Hair Brush (etch) - McKesson and Robbins Ill. Catalogue (p. 152) - 1883.jpg

Advertising image of the hair brush, including motto "The germ of all life is electricity."

Creator(s) George A. Scott
Vendors Pall Mall Electrical Assoc. of London

Dr. Scott's Electric Hair Brush is a bristled brush containing a magnetised iron rod, designed for the brushing of the hair and scalp as an electro-therapeutic treatment, originally patented and marketed by George A. Scott. In addition to promising to prevent balding, cure dandruff and scalp diseases, and prevent premature greyness, the advertising copy claimed that the hair brush would offer nearly instant relief for nervous or bilious headaches, neuralgia, and other similar maladies, all thanks to the power of electricity.


  • US 238444, Scott, George Augustus, "Brush", published 1881-03-01  — "The object of the invention is to secure within the interior of such a brush one or more natural or artificial magnets, which, according to the belief of many persons, founded upon a theory of magneto-therapeutics which has become widely prevalent, have the effect of rendering brushes to which they are applied advantageous in use for relieving headache, preventing baldness, and other similar purposes."


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