Dinshah P. Ghadiali

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Dinshah Ghadiali
Born 28 November 1873(1873-11-28)
Bombay, British India
Died 30 April 1966 (92)
Malaga, New Jersey
Nationality Indian, American
Known for Spectrochrometry

Dinshah Pestanji Framji Ghadiali (November 28, 1873 - April 30, 1966) was an Indian-born American practitioner of chromopathy and founder of several incarnations of the Spectro-Chrome Institute.


By Dinshah's own accounting, as attested in his Triumph of Spectro-Chrome (1944), he was something of a child prodigy, entering primary school at 2½, high school at 8, acting as assistant to the Professor of Mathematics and Science of Wilson College, Bombay at 11, and completing the Bombay University examination just as he entered his teenage years. As a young adult, he entered into the lecture circuit, becoming a roving experimental demonstrator of chemistry and physics, and took up the study of medicine and Theosophy, enlisting as a Fellow of the Theosophical Society at age 18.

During his early twenties, Dinshah assumed multiple postings as an electrical engineer and volunteer serviceman all across India. Such was his interest in the study of the electric that he found occasion in 1896 to travel to the United States to meet with the likes of Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, and deliver a speech on X-Rays and Radioactivity.

Soon thereafter he left behind his career in electric lighting to dedicate himself to medicine - accepting a degree from the Independent Medical College of Illinois[1] - and particularly medical electricity and chromopathy. Dr. Ghadiali's first "Electro-Medical Hall" was inaugurated at Ajmer, Central India in 1900, and a year later opened another in Surat, Western India, promoting his nascent practice of the unconventional therapies.

"The Wizard of Colored Light"

"No Diagnosis - No Drugs - No Surgery!"

  • Emigration to the United States, 1911
  • "The Spectro-Chrome Institute", 1920-41[2]
  • "Dinshah Spectro-Chrome Institute", 1941-47 (dissolved by court order)
  • "Visible Spectrum Research Institute", 1953-75


  • "Color-Wave-Projection Apparatus", patented on 7 July 1925 under US Patent No. 1544973, is described as being "intended primarily for use in the treatment of diseases by means of color waves emanating from selected portions of the spectrum". The projector itself, "in which six color wave slides will produce twelve colors", is an apparatus consisting of "a lamp housing, a color slide carrier, a lens system, and a cooling system."
  • "Electric Thermometer", patented on 13 August 1929 under US Patent No. 1724469, for measuring temperature on various parts of the body.

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