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Daniel Robert Izzo (b. 1966) is an American inventor noted for his attempt to patent a Resurrection Burial Tomb, a nuclear-powered instrument intended to "preserve and prevent the human body from decay", which Izzo promoted through his Cryonic Life Insurance Company. In the political sphere, Izzo has run twice as a mayoral candidate in Syracuse, New York, first in 1997 and again in 2001, both times under the banner of the "Right to Life" Party, and has since 2008 claimed territory in Antarctica as the "United States Trust Territory of Marie Byrd Land and Ellsworth Land Antarctica."

Selected Patents

Patent Applications

  • US10161974 (US20050027316A1), Resurrection Burial Tomb. Pub. 3 Feb. 2005, filed 4 Jun. 2002. Abandoned. "A Resurrection Burial Tomb includes a means to preserve and revive Human Beings and provide power and power systems for the same, comprising of a container of preservation means, holding the suspended dead person's body and connected to electrical and energy apparatus systems contained in the Resurrection tomb and robotic machine workers that help maintain and work to revive the suspended Huamn Being; wherein the process provides power and security from death to living Human Beings being useful and novel, producing a less savage empowered child culture and machine parents."
  • 09/619,698, filed Jul. 19, 2000, which is a CIP of "A Resurrection Machine and Consciousness Revival System" application No. 60/144, 245 filed Jul. 19, 1999 and a CIP of "The Thermionic Electron Electric Generator and Artifical Liver Ammonia Diffuser" application No. 60/295,356; filed on Jun. 04, 2001 and "The Microwave Hot Water Boiler Heating System" application Ser. No. 08/766,130 filed Dec. 16,1996 U.S. Pat. No. 6,064,047 with Discloser Document #412019 priority, filed Jan. 10, 1997 and "The Portable Nuclear Powered Engine and Electric Generator" application Ser. No. 09/205, 415 filed Dec. 02, 1998 (being a CIP of application Ser. No. 08/798,316 filed on Feb. 10, 1997) and "The Hydraulic Leverage Engine" application Ser.No. 09/177,760 filed on Oct. 24, 1998 (being a CIP of application Ser. No. 08/813, 825 filed on Aug. 21, 1997 and application No. 60/063,068 filed on Oct. 27, 1997 and application No. 60/072,624 filed on Jan. 26, 1998 and "The Zinc-Carbon Pill and Transistorized Plastic Paper Computer" application Ser. No. 09/239, 269 filed on Jan. 26, 1999 (being a CIP of application No. 60/072,579 filed on Jan. 26,1998) and "The Artifical Muscle Robot" application No. 60/148,654 filed on Aug. 13, 1999 Pat.App No. 60/128,747 filed on Apr. 12, 1999 "Free Citizen's Band Public Radiowave Telephone System and Computer"

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United States Trust Territory of Marie Byrd Land and Ellsworth Land Antarctica


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