D. W. Starrett

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D. W. Starrett
Born 28 October 1859(1859-10-28)
South Thomaston, Knox, Maine
Died 4 November 1946 (87)
Alameda, California
Affiliations Perpetual Health Institute; Indefinite Physical Life Society
Spouse(s) Mary Theresa Lyons (m. 1888)

Danville William Starrett (October 28, 1859 - November 4, 1946) was an American inventor who was interested in psychic phenomena, including mental telepathy and mind cure, and in particular methods of ensuring human longevity through the latter.

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Longevity (1916, 1922)

The Sun is Not Hot (1929)

In which Starrett makes the claim that the conversion of solar energy into heat can be taken as evidence that the Sun is cold.